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Pregnancy safe skin care by Tarli Cosmetics

Why is skin care important?

I see skin care as an act of self-care. A few moments you can spend with yourself to nurture you. We live busy lives, especially as moms we can spend lots of time taking care of others that we have very little time for ourselves, and this is very important because we cannot pour from an empty cup.

What made you decide to become a Holistic cosmetic?

Pregnancy and motherhood. This was the time when I started questioning everything, from what I put in my body, to what I apply, what I breathe and so on. Several years ago, when I got pregnant with my first daughter, I worked at a med spa practicing high end esthetic treatments, from medical peels to laser resurfacing. Most of those treatments are contraindicated on pregnant women, meaning if a client is pregnant, they can not receive a treatment. So if there was no guarantee that those treatments are safe for the new life that was growing in me, where is the guarantee they are safe for us in general. That is when I started digging deeper into the beauty industry and harmful ingredients. Since skincare is my passion and I always wanted to test new products and play with them, I decided to study formulating and got certified as a natural skin care formulator. For the next several years I was researching and developing, and this is how Tarli was born, with few products that are not only good for the whole body, but they are a skin food that actually bring results. Holistic means whole body mind and soul, and this is how our products and formulas are created, with the whole-body mind and soul in thought.

What sets Tarli Cosmetics apart from other brands?

By understanding the skin on a deep level and as part of the whole body we bring skincare that is healthy, very nurturing and balancing. We educate that the skin should also be nourished from the inside and how together with proper topical care we can achieve better and lasting youthful glowing results. They are facial oils that can be used on their own without additional moisturizer, and we will demonstrate correct ways to do this. The day serum is a vitamin and antioxidant rich, it builds skin's natural immunity towards environmental stressors, like pollution and UV rays, while also nourishing and giving it a healthy glow. The evening serum is boosted with mild natural fruit acids that rejuvenate the skin overnight and stimulate youthful skin and bright complexion, while deeply nourishing oils condition and calm the skin. And we have the weekly exfoliating mask with clays that deep clean pores, plus mushrooms and herbs that brighten and calm.

What skincare products should I use?

A gentle and balanced cleanser in the evening that will remove all the makeup and build up from the day. Never go to bed without washing your face. In the morning alternate between cleanser and water only to wash your face. Every other morning, wash your face with water only. This way you keep your skin in balance keeping the natural oils from over drying and stripping the barrier. Use a hydrating toner and a nourishing face oil or moisturizer every morning and evening. This will keep your skin nourished, soft and plump. Once a week use an exfoliating mask that will remove old skin cells and reveal a smooth and bright complexion. These are the basic steps every woman should follow, and from here we build with targeting treatments according to individual skin needs.

Why natural over countertop cosmetics?

Several reasons. Many conventional products on the market are mostly made of water with very little percentage of active ingredients. They also contain synthetic ingredients that are not compatible with our skin, plus they enter our bodies and disrupt our hormones, accumulate and create toxicity, sensitivity and allergies. Especially the USA has been very permissive in allowing harmful ingredients and this is a fact. Europe has banned over 1300 ingredients, while the USA only 30. When an ingredient is derived from nature our skin and body recognize it and metabolizes it in a natural and healthy way, it is biocompatible because many of those plants contain compounds that are present in our skin, but we lose it over time due to aging, and lifestyle choices.

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