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Can you do boudoir shoot while pregnant?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

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Boudoir Photography is a complete confidence booster!

Boudoir maternity photography merges these two styles, resulting in intimate and artistic photographs of pregnant women. The goal is to celebrate the pregnant form and the beauty of motherhood while maintaining a sense of elegance, tastefulness, and intimacy.

What do you wear to a maternity boudoir shoot?

Honestly, just about anything!

  1. Lingerie sets: Opt for lacy bralettes, panties, or lingerie sets that fit your body well and complement your personal style. These can be both sensual and elegant, adding a touch of allure to your photographs.

  2. Babydolls and chemises: Babydolls and chemises are loose-fitting, flowing garments that can be incredibly flattering for maternity boudoir photography. They can softly drape over your baby bump, creating a beautiful and ethereal look.

  3. Maternity bras and panties: Specific maternity lingerie is designed to accommodate and support your changing body during pregnancy. They can be comfortable while still looking attractive.

  4. Robes and wraps: Sheer or satin robes can be a lovely addition to your boudoir wardrobe. They provide a hint of modesty while allowing your baby bump to be showcased.

  5. White sheets: Many maternity boudoir shoots incorporate white sheets as props. Wrapping yourself in white sheets can create a classic, intimate, and artistic look.

  6. Partner's clothing: YES!!! If your partner is joining you for the shoot, consider wearing their shirt or a button-down shirt. This can add a personal touch and a sense of connection in the photographs.

  7. Personal items: Don't be afraid to incorporate personal items that have sentimental value, such as a special piece of jewelry or an accessory. It can add meaning and uniqueness to the photos.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose outfits that reflect your personality and style, making you feel comfortable and beautiful throughout the shoot. Discuss your preferences and ideas with your photographer to ensure they capture the images that resonate with you. Additionally, if you have any concerns or insecurities, a professional photographer will know how to pose and light you in ways that flatter your body and make you feel at ease during the session.

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How do you mentally prepare for a boudoir shoot?

Remember, boudoir photography is about celebrating your unique beauty and capturing your essence in a tasteful and artistic way. Embrace the experience with an open mind and a positive attitude, and trust in your photographer's expertise to create stunning images that you'll cherish for years to come!

  1. Set your intention: Think about why you want to do the boudoir shoot and what you hope to achieve with the photos. It could be to celebrate your body, boost your self-confidence, create a special gift for your partner, or simply to have a fun and empowering experience. Having a clear intention can help you focus on the positive aspects of the shoot.

  2. Avoid negative self-talk: It's natural to have insecurities but try to avoid negative self-talk leading up to the shoot. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, unique, and worthy of being celebrated. Embrace your body as it is and focus on the aspects you love about yourself.

  3. Communicate with your photographer: Before the shoot, have a conversation with your boudoir photographer about what to expect during the session. Discuss your comfort level, any specific poses or looks you want to try, and any concerns you may have. A professional photographer will create a safe and supportive environment, making sure you feel at ease throughout the shoot.

  4. Find boudoir inspiration: Look for boudoir photography online to find poses, outfits, and styles that resonate with you. Creating a mood board or a collection of favorite images can help you visualize the type of photos you'd like to achieve. Share these inspirations with your photographer, so they can tailor the session to your preferences.

  5. Practice posing: If you feel a bit unsure about how to pose during the shoot, practice some poses in front of a mirror beforehand. Experiment with different angles and expressions to see what feels most comfortable and flattering for you.

  6. Pamper yourself: Treat yourself to some self-care leading up to the shoot. This could include getting a massage, doing a facial, or having your hair and makeup professionally done. Feeling pampered and confident can positively impact your mindset for the session.

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