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Why opt for a minimalist maternity photoshoot

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

minimalist maternity photoshoots in studio

Modern & Minimalist Studio Maternity Sessions

Pingree Grove Illinois

Minimalistic portraiture offers an understated, simple look that doesn't overpower the beauty of you!

A minimalist maternity photo is more than a simple image; it's all about showcasing your beauty and making you, as a mom-to-be, feel absolutely stunning—graceful, refined, and timeless, just like a dream realized. These minimalist maternity photos also incorporate a modern edge, adding a contemporary touch.

How to Dress So That You Love Your Maternity Photos

While you may usually have no trouble confidently assembling an outfit, choosing the perfect attire for your maternity photo shoot can present a unique challenge. Your body is undergoing constant changes, and it's important to select clothing that not only makes you feel self-assured but also ensures you radiate beauty in your photographs.

During the third trimester, many women experience certain discomforts related to their changing bodies. This stage is often considered the ideal time for maternity photos, yet some expectant mothers may feel concerned about their appearance in front of the camera.

Opting for a long dress or silk can be an excellent choice to conceal any swollen ankles while comfortably accentuating your baby bump.

maternity photos with an elegant simple approach

Select Your Colors Wisely and Embrace Simplicity.

When picking out your clothing, avoid busy and bold prints; instead, choose solid colors (with extra style points for elegant details like lace and buttons, headbands, necklace you can always give that extra pop). Our goal is to keep the spotlight on your glowing self!

Remember Your Undergarments.

Your choice of undergarments is just as important. Ensure you have a properly fitting bra that offers support without sagging or causing discomfort. Avoid any undergarments that create unflattering lumps and bumps. Plan ahead and purchase your undergarments well in advance to guarantee a comfortable and flattering fit.

Not a Fan of Dresses? Here Are Some Alternatives.

jeans and white top maternity outfit for photoshoot

If dresses aren't your thing, don't worry – you don't have to wear one! These photos are all about capturing the real you. Consider options like a maxi skirt paired with a comfortable shirt or maybe even a maternity romper. You could also go for jeans or leggings combined with a flowing tunic, a relaxed off-shoulder sweater, or a baby doll-style top that allows for elegant draping silks and more. These outfit choices offer similar benefits to a maxi dress while ensuring you feel confident and true to yourself.

leggings and white top for maternity photos

Are you excited to capture images commemorating this special time in your life?

Get inspired by my Chicagoland area maternity clients!

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