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What does it mean when newborn keeps smiling during their Photos?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Here are a few adorable newborn photos from my last photo session, the couple drove all the way from Naperville for their Newborn Photos and their baby was just so smiley, obviously he was very relaxed throughout the entire session and wasn't bothered at all :)!

Let's see why Newborn's really smile and if there is an explanation.

heart shaped newborn baby wrapping in studio.

Newborns often exhibit various facial expressions, including smiles, during their photography sessions. While it's heartwarming to consider these smiles as indicators of happiness or early social interaction, it's important to recognize that the reasons behind these smiles might not always be straightforward.

Here are some possible explanations:

Reflexive Smiles: Newborns can display reflexive smiles, which may not necessarily reflect conscious emotions like joy or happiness. These smiles could arise from internal factors such as gas or muscle movements, and they might not be linked to external stimuli.

Mimicry: Babies are highly attuned to the facial expressions of those around them and may mimic some of these expressions, including smiles. They might not fully grasp the social context or emotions associated with smiling, but they can imitate facial movements they observe.

Physical Comfort: Newborns might smile when they are in a state of physical comfort, such as after being fed, held, or having their basic needs met. However, this may not necessarily signify complex emotions like happiness; it could be more of a contented response.

Random Movements: Babies often make spontaneous facial movements and expressions as they are still developing control over their facial muscles. Some of these movements might result in what appears to be a smile, even if it's unintentional.

Interaction with Light and Sound: During a photography session, changes in lighting or sounds could capture a newborn's attention and trigger facial movements. A smile could be a reaction to these stimuli rather than an emotional response.

Early Social Interaction: While newborns are not yet fully capable of comprehending emotions, they do respond to human faces and voices. Some smiles during a photography session might be due to the presence of a caregiver or photographer interacting with the baby, even if the baby's emotional experience is more basic.

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