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Why book an early Newborn Photo Session?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Many people are confused or don’t understand why we recommend the first two-three weeks of life for baby pictures.The first being that we want to capture them in their authentic being as newborn infant. We want to capture their tiny little wrinkles, their hairy little shoulders, the flaky skin, tiny nose and toes their fingers those soft fingernails the tiny eyelashes and more. Each unique little feature of your newborn baby changes so rapidly! Soon they won’t fit so tiny in your arms.Their features will change, and they won’t quite look like a newborn baby anymore.

They are only this tiny for such a short time. In this newborn baby stage they sleep deeply, they love to have their legs curled in to their bodies and they are the most flexible, just like they were in mommy's womb.These are the moments that all too often are forgotten! As time pass rapidly these moments also slowly fade away from our memories.

I remember the day I delivered my daughter, she was so tiny and fragile I could not even close my eyes for days, I was just staring at her and tried not to miss any moment of memory!These moments passed so fast and each day I looked at her she looked different.Thankfully I was able to capture her tiny features at the hospital when she was only 2 days old, its a memory that I treasure and keep close to my heart!

When baby arrived everything was so hectic for weeks, trying to get us a schedule for eat and sleep and if we would not have pre-planned we would have missed out on creating these authentic, heartfelt moments.



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