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When should I schedule my newborn first photo session?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

newborn natural posing of the baby

Newborn photography is one of the most rewarding types of photography, yet it is one that you MUST be experienced in to ensure the newborn baby feel completely safe! From wrapping to handling a little miracle is never the easiest task to handle! We must always listen to the baby and look for signs to ensure that the baby feels relaxed and safe. Are you looking for a newborn photographer near you that will follow all safety protocols?

I do not force any poses on a baby, we try and if your little one does not feel comfortable, we move onto the next pose instead of stressing your baby out and creating an unsafe environment for them.

There are many popular poses that are trendy nowadays and parents often assume we can create them any time.

Let's look through a few and see when the best time is to schedule your session for each vision to ensure we safely setting up shots and the baby is 100%protected during the entire process.

Before posing the baby:

• I ensure my studio is warm.

• I make sure that I am not wearing any jewelry to avoid scratching baby while wrapping.

• I am free from fragrance of any kind as baby has strong senses and it can stress them out if they sense they far from mommy.

• I set up white noise to help your little subject keep calm during the shooting process.

Natural Poses - Anytime

newborn laying down natural pose

newborn pose head on chin natural poses

tucked in position for newborns

I aim to use natural poses whenever possible to keep baby feel relaxed with wraps which makes them remember being in mommy's belly.

Side laying

Tucked in on back.

Potato Sack

Bump up on side.

Womb crawl up on tummy.

Huck fin on back

Posed Position up to 10 days - Froggy Pose

froggy pose for newborn

Arrange your newborn shoot around ten days of age latest, the earlier the better. This is when newborns are most squishy, floppy. Beyond 10 days of age your baby's flexibility will decrease due to the baby’s lack of muscle tone.

Froggy poses are a Photoshop trick. We hold baby's head during the entire process as well as their chin and little hands and we create the image from 2 separate images into one.



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