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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Surprisingly, there are no safety regulations in the newborn photography field.

I know it sounds crazy, but prior to choosing your photographer I suggest chatting with them and see if they are prepared to handle your newborn!

Anyone with a camera can do newborn photography without proper training or understanding of infant needs.

Your baby's safety should be your number one concern when choosing a photographer.

Babies can startle and move, so always be close enough to reach out if needed.

A trained newborn photographer considers room temperature, baby's comfort, and uses safe posing techniques.

Ensure your chosen photographer is trained to handle your newborn safely.

newborn safely resting during her photo session

Should Newborn Portraits Be Taken in the Hospital?

Well, not really.

Hospitals aren't the coziest places for you or your baby. It's not your home, and it's certainly not your baby's comfy spot either.

After giving birth, whether it was a vaginal delivery or a C-section, you're in recovery mode from a significant experience. Meanwhile, your newborn has just been introduced to a bright and noisy world, trying to make sense of all the new sights and sounds.

From a photography perspective, hospital lighting can be quite harsh and not very flattering, making it challenging to capture the most beautiful moments with you and your baby. Plus, you might still be adjusting to post-birth changes and figuring out the ins and outs of feeding your little one.

Additionally, they typically don't include family portraits in hospital sessions. This means you won't be in the pictures, and honestly, that can be quite disheartening. When you look back, you'll want to see the awe and love you felt for this precious little one who has just transformed your world.

nicu baby photos

What Makes for Great Newborn Photos

Just You. Your Baby. Your Partner. Siblings. Keeping the environment simple allows you to treasure your memories, keeping the spotlight on what truly matters: the love and connection within your family as you welcome your newborn!

I strongly believe that simplicity is the key. An excess of props and distractions takes the focus away from your precious newborn, which is what truly matters.

When you revisit these images two decades from now, you'll cherish the same smile or that adorable little freckle. You'll be amazed at how tiny their fingers once were.

You won’t care about the theme or the background.

newborn baby boy calmy resting

What Are Ideal Poses for Newborn Photography

Every newborn is unique, a fact you've undoubtedly heard countless times, just like every pregnancy varies. If you've experienced multiple pregnancies, you can truly appreciate the distinction.

As a Professional Newborn Photographer, I collaborate with the baby, never coercing them into a particular pose. Instead, I follow the baby's natural movements and safely position the newborn in a way that feels most comfortable and organic for them.

Let's take a moment to discuss the 'froggy pose,' where the baby appears to be resting their head on their hands.

Have you ever seen a newborn naturally assume this pose? The answer is no because they lack the neck strength to support their head at this stage. So, to achieve this pose safely, photographers use a technique called compositing.

Here's how it works: The newborn photographer takes two separate shots, one with the top hand supporting the head and another with the bottom hand doing the same. They then skillfully combine these images using Photoshop.

Now, here's the crucial question: Were you aware of this technique? If not, it underscores the importance of trusting an expert. A photographer without proper training might attempt this pose without understanding the necessary safety precautions for the baby.

Here's a handy reference to distinguish between a beginner pose and an expert pose. It's worth noting that an expert photographer can still execute a beginner pose, but you won't necessarily get an expert-level result from a beginner.

froggy pose for newborn photos

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