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How to plan your family photos?

Chicago Suburbs

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Family Photography

The choice between a mini photo session and a full photo session depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Things to consider prior to booking a family photo session:

Time and Availability:

Mini sessions are typically shorter in duration, usually around 20-30 minutes, while full sessions can last 1-1.5 hours. If you have a busy schedule or limited availability, a mini session might be more convenient.

Purpose and Goals:

Consider the purpose of the photo session. If you're looking for a quick update for social media profiles, holiday cards, or a specific occasion, a mini session may suffice. However, if you want a comprehensive set of photos with various poses, settings, and outfits, a full session may be necessary to achieve your goals.

Variety and Creativity:

Full sessions provide more time for creativity and variety. You can explore different locations, poses, and outfit changes, resulting in a wider range of images. If you want a diverse set of photos and are willing to invest more time, a full session is a better choice.

Comfort and Relaxation:

Some people may feel more relaxed and comfortable during a shorter mini session, while others may need more time to ease into the photo shoot. Consider your own comfort level and how it may impact the quality of the photos.

Number of Subjects:

The number of people or subjects involved can also influence your decision. If you have a large family or a group of people to photograph, a full session may be necessary to ensure everyone gets enough individual and group shots.

Will there be small Children?

Booking a full photo session with small kids to give them enough time to adjust to their environment is an excellent idea. This approach allows for a more relaxed and child-friendly experience, as it reduces the pressure of rushing through the session.

Special Occasions:

Special occasions Maternity, Newborn Photos and First Birthday sessions often require full sessions to capture all the important moments and details.

Photographer's Style:

Research the photographer's portfolio and style.

Choose a photographer whose style aligns with your vision.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your unique needs and preferences. It may also be helpful to discuss your options with the photographer to get their professional input based on your specific needs.

D'anina Photography is known for a timeless and classy approach to photography which is often considered one of the best choices for several reasons for not only Maternity or Newborn Photos, but Fall Family Photos and Christmas Family Photography as well: Longevity: Timeless and classy photos are designed to stand the test of time. They avoid trendy or overly stylized elements that may quickly become outdated. This means that your photos will remain appealing and relevant for years to come, making them a lasting memory.

Elegance: Classy photography emphasizes elegance and simplicity. This aesthetic choice can result in images that exude a sense of refinement and beauty. It's particularly well-suited for formal occasions, portraits, and family photos.

Emphasis on the Subject: By avoiding distracting or gimmicky elements, timeless and classy photography puts the focus squarely on the subject. This allows the subject's personality, emotions, and character to shine through, creating a more intimate and meaningful image.

Legacy: Timeless and classy photographs are the kind that are passed down through generations. They become a part of your family's history and can be treasured by your descendants.

However, it's essential to note that the choice of photography style ultimately depends on personal preferences, the specific purpose of the photos, and the photographer's expertise. Some individuals may prefer more creative or contemporary styles, which can also yield stunning results.

Ultimately, whether a timeless and classy approach is "best" depends on your goals, your aesthetic preferences, and the message you want your photos to convey. It's essential to communicate your vision with your photographer and ensure that their style aligns with your expectations.

I offer my services around Kane County Illinois, and I also do travel around the Chicago area for private family photo sessions.

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