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Healthy alternative to baby smash cake by Desserts Without Regrets

smash cake for baby's with allergies gilberts illinois

When did Desserts without Regrets was born?

Desserts Without Regrets is a registered home bakery located in Gilberts, IL. It was established in 2022 to serve the community and offer healthier dessert options. As a bakery offering custom desserts, we’re able to accommodate various dietary restrictions and offer gluten free, nut free, low calorie, low fat, Keto and vegan friendly options.

Who is Desserts without Regrets is for?

Desserts Without Regrets is a good fit for you if you’re looking to eat healthier! Our desserts are made with clean ingredients of the highest quality with no added refined sugar. We are perfect for anyone trying to lose weight, for anyone who’s following Keto lifestyle, who is vegan or dairy free. We offer gluten free and nut free options for anyone with allergies or intolerances which makes it perfect for families who has children with any allergies. Kids can eat guilt free and safe from our cakes on their birthday or on any occasions.

Why choose Desserts without Regrets vs other desserts?

When you want a sweet treat, but you feel guilty eating all the sugar and consuming empty calories, think about Desserts Without Regrets! If your child has allergies and their birthday is coming up, we are here to help whether it is for a cake smash photo or for a birthday party we got you. We have well balanced desserts that are nutritious and delicious without added sugar!

Is Desserts Without Regrets good for my child with nut allergies as an alternative for a Cake Smash birthday?

When you’re choosing a smash cake for your child you need to make sure that this cake is safe for them. Sugar is known to cause a lot of issues, from diabetes to heart disease and many others, so why give it to a 1-year-old? Our smash cakes are made with all natural ingredients without added sugar, and can be customized to be nut free, gluten free, dairy free, whatever your dietary preferences or restrictions are. What ingredients makes Dessert Without Regrets a healthier option?

Our desserts are made with clean organic ingredients, gluten free flour, whole foods and contain no refined sugar. Desserts are low in calories, they are well balanced and nutritious. Whole grain flour, organic dairy and eggs, organic fresh and frozen berries, safe natural sweeteners such as monk fruit and maple syrup make our desserts perfect for everyone who follows a healthy lifestyle!

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