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Benefits of a Midwife vs a Doctor

Hi all, Welcome to our blog!

Each week we will be sharing an informational Blog where we discuss all topics around pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding support and beyond! What happens after delivery, baby essentials and more!

Here is our first blog post with Amy Luebke who is the Founder of Moon Phases Of Life

a mom and Midwife & Doula helping other mommies through their exciting new journey of becoming a mother as well! Here are a few questions I asked her to learn more about what a midwife does and why would it be beneficial to us!

What does a midwife do?

We provide prenatal care and deliver babies outside of a traditional medical setting, such as in a birthing center or home. Providing you with choices and tools during your pregnancy and beyond. Holding a sacred space for your life's rite of passage.

Why choose a midwife?

The word midwife literally means ‘with woman.

I provide not only care, but we become family, we have long extensive appointments in your home. We walk together hand in hand, side by side during your life event. We help women choose and achieve a physiological birth.

What type of midwife am you?

I am a sacred autonomous independent traditional midwife; I am directly employed by the families I care for. The benefit of working with a private midwife in this way, is that you get to choose who will be accompanying you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Over the course of your pregnancy, we have the opportunity to build a strong and meaningful relationship based on trust, communication and continuity beyond pregnancy. The families that I serve are extensions of my family.

Why did you become a midwife?

I started my practice during Covid 2021 because I was very disappointed by seeing so many people having their birth experiences alone and masked up in hospitals. To me, your birth story should be an incredible sacred event that you and your family should experience. I was extremely upset watching my family and others experiencing a loved one dying alone in the hospitals or care centers as their families had to look or talk to them through a glass window outside or on a video call if they were coherent enough to hold a conversation or if they were not coherent, you had to schedule a video call and the nursing staff would hold the phone pointing towards your loved one so you can see them alone in the room. It was then, an internal fire was lit inside of me, and I said I wanted to change that! I want to make sure that those births are sacred, intimate, relaxed, personable and comfortable with loved ones and experience a happy birth story. I want to make sure that not 1 single person has to ever die alone. Whether you are bringing new life into this world or you on your way out of this world. I want to walk the end of the earth with you, hand in hand, side by side as your life guardian.

Do you include partners in the prenatal, birth and postpartum process?

Yes, partners are encouraged to join us on your appointments, we encourage them to also catch the baby and provide amazing postpartum care for you while you bond with your baby and let your body heal during your fourth trimester.

What is the most memorable homebirth you have attended?

Probably my first birthing experience when I was only 19 years of age. I was there by the side of a friend of mine, who was a single mom and she called me and asked me if I would be by her side during her birth. It was the most incredible thing I had ever witnessed, and it lit my soul on fire to walk this earth with women.

What do you do in your off time?

I homestead, I make my own herbal “medicine” for my family through our gardens. I make all of our cleaning supplies, essential oils, I tend to our animals and show my kids how to cook and can food that we have grown. I also am super big into my children's sports of competitive cheer, football, tumbling and wrestling. I'm the loud one in the bleachers cheering them on, Haha! I also love crafting; I make all sorts of things from customized products to umbilical cord burning boxes. I am very involved in our community in different volunteer groups.

To Get in Touch or to Learn more information, please visit her website:



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