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a little bit more about me...
Greater Chicagoland Area Maternity and Newborn Photographer 

a little bit more about me, why I do what I do...

​I am a mother of one super active baby girl and a lovely wife :).


Family means everything to me, and I don't want to miss one second of it! Photography has always been my passion ever since I was about 5 years old :) Here is an image with me from back than!





When our daughter was born, I have started to take photos of her to capture every little detail and it wasn't until than when I realized that this could be my calling to start my photography business as a professional photographer! I realize how much it means to capture every detail of our lives as we grow older especially when some of our loved ones has already departed and the only memory left is in our heart or an image if you are lucky enough to have! I unfortunately have lost my dad as well as my grandparents already from both side of family and have not been able to capture memories with them and show it to my daughter when she grows up.

(Here is our first memory with our daughter from the hospital)











For some people pictures maybe just images, but for me it's more than just photos! They are the perfect memory which allows you not only remember the loss you may have experienced when pieces faded away but allows you to physically look back on them and keep the feelings and memories alive, share it with your friends and family for years to come.

I pay therefore special attention to education to create the best art possible for you, especially when it comes to creating your memories! I also have taken several courses to make sure I handle your little one not only like if he/she was my own but following every safety measure while creating timeless memories for you. All my photo sessions are known for a relaxed feel (no rush), capturing natural moments and loving connections in a welcoming environment.

I was born and raised in Hungary. I moved to The USA almost 13 years ago and have lived in many places and countries before.

When not photographing I love travelling and planning my next ideas in my head. I use a Sony A7III camera with several different lenses to freeze the best moments in time. 

I am continuously investing in photography, editing and posing classes to learn from some of the industry's best Photographers to enhance my techniques. I love decorating and always up to any challenge a new Photoshoot may require! Photography is one of the most creative ways to freeze time and I am looking forward to meeting you and your loved ones.

Your photographs are meant to be cherished, preserved, experienced and passed on; not quickly bypassed in your social media feed...

Don't make the same mistake as I did and allow time pass by you! Freeze the precious moments with your family for forever to look back on...

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